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Lead Animator
Bardel Ent. is looking for a lead animator for a Maya-based CG production.

Character (Rigging) Technical Director
DreamWorks Animation is looking for a technical director for character rigging.

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Pacific Symphony Presents: The Magical Music of Disney

Anime Festival Orlando 10

Fest Anca 2009

The Road to RoadShow Webinar Series

Multi-Platform Business School Workshop

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Animafrik 2009 African Animation Festival

Last Call for HAFF 2009 Student Films

Playboy Announces Winner of Animation Contest, Calls For Round 2 Entries

Jamaica Digital Arts Festival 2009

Nokia Mobifest Toronto 2009

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   Friday, April 20, 2018
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The Official Luxology modo 301 Guide: Shader Tree Fundamentals
In this third excerpt from The Official Luxology modo 301 Guide, author Daniel Ablan puts a twist on Shader Tree applications.
Career Coach: Holiday Prep
In this month's column, Pamela Kleibrink Thompson offers some advance holiday preparation to ease the anxiety and make it more meaningful to your career.
Mudbox 2009 Review: More Robust and a Steadier Stroke
George Maestri gets his hands dirty testing out the first full Mudbox release from Autodesk.
Pure Terror: The Black-and-White World(s) of Fear(s) of the Dark
The producers and creators of the new French animated feature talk about the transformation of six graphic visions into one artistic frightfest.
Autodesk & Softimage Talk Quantum of Convergence
VFXWorld goes deeper into Autodesk's surprising acquisition of 3D rival Softimage with Autodesk Media & Ent. SVP Marc Petit and Softimage General Manager Marc Stevens.

AWN's Animation School Directory
AWN's comprehensive guide to animation schools and educational programs. The directory lists over 400 animation schools from around the world. It also includes several helpful resources: a questionnaire highlighting important questions to ask before choosing a school, plus a special reference library section with links to Animation World Magazine articles about all facets of education.

AWN Archives
Search through over 1,200 Animation World Magazine articles, dating back to our premier April 1, 1996 issue. AWN's archives also contain links to all our past magazine issues as well as each monthly downloadable Acrobat edition of the magazine.

Learn from the master...Glenn Vilppu
Check out AWN's exclusive Glenn Vilppu master animation drawing tutorial series.

Barry Purves' exclusive stop-motion production diary!
Read Academy Award Nominated Barry Purves' "Gilbert and Sullivan - The Very Models" production diary series.

How To Succeed In Animation by Gene Deitch
AWN brings Oscar-winning animator Gene Deitch's brand new book "How To Succeed In Animation (Don't Let A Little Thing Like Failure Stop You!)" to the Web. Gene Deitch's long awaited book is a must read for animation newcomers and veterans alike. The book presents Gene's highly idiosyncratic and obstinate views as to what animation is all about. Much of the information has never before been published, with many never before seen illustrations. Part how-to manual, part history lesson, "How To Succeed In Animation (Don't Let A Little Thing Like Failure Stop You!)" gives practical guidance on all aspects of the animation process, with real-life examples culled from the countless unique experiences of Gene's legendary career.

Producing Animation
Animation World Network is proud to host the Website for "Producing Animation:" "Producing Animation," Catherine Winder and Zahra Dowlatabadi's new book, discusses the nuts and bolts and beyond, of the mysterious art of producing. Catherine Winder, an executive producer in television & feature animation. Zahra Dowlatabadi is an award-winning producer.

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With multiple search capabilities, AWN's calendar of events gives you a customized way to look through the upcoming events - by Name, Location, Entry Deadline, Category, Event Type and more. Use it to stay abreast of animation related activities across the globe. You also have the opportunity to enter your event information directly into AWN's customized, easy-to-use on-line Calendar of Events database.

AWN Release Database
Visit AWN's Upcoming Theatrical Release database to find out the who, what, where and when regarding all the international animated and visual effects features coming out in the next few years. Productions can be viewed by title, release date, production or distribution company and country of origin. The database includes links to the film trailers.

Animator's Showcase
Peter Chung, Bill Plympton, Raoul Servais and much, much more! The Animation Showcase is our slick online gallery featuring work from some of the world's leading animators as well as emerging talent -- a valuable resource for creative professionals, recruiters and development professionals.

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Learn more about the animation industry, techniques and tools in these forums hosted by top industry experts.

Animation Cafe
The Animation Cafe is a place for questions, commentary and debate on any and all aspects of animation.

Animator's Desktop
2D or not 2D? That is the question! Award-winning author, Tony White, teaches and talks about the animated art of "Making Things Move Well".

The Business of Animation
Artists, animators, students, executives and academia discuss the industry, job outlooks, recruiting, portfolios, guidelines and more.

AWN's Show And Tell
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